Course Maps


The swim is a relatively flat, triangular course, swimming counter-clockwise. The race will have a in-water start in front of the docks.  The swim caps (provided in race package) must be worn throughout the entire swim course to ensure safety of all athletes. The course will be patrolled by a motorized boat, as well as canoes and kayaks.

There will be two buoys in the water at the start, please stay behind them for the start.

The Sprint distance swim is 750M, ONE LOOP

The Standard distance swim is 1500M, TWO LOOPS; you must round the large buoy near the dock.

Swim cut-off:  8:45 am

You will need footwear for the run from swim to transition.

Map of the course:

Swim to Bike Transition:

The transition will take place in the Paradise Town Hall parking lot on McNamara Dr. Athletes will run 450 meters from the beach area around the Law office, behind Alcan Windows to the parking lot. As athletes exit the water it is recommended that they take off their wetsuits at the beach. All wetsuits will be delivered to the transition area to be claimed after the race. You will need to bring footwear to run from the swim exit to the bike transition as you will run 450 meters on gravel.

Map of the Transition Route:


Please obey Marshall commands, slow down when asked to.

Bike cut-off:  11:00am


1. All athletes are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the route and must ride with caution. Race #'s must be worn on the back so that Marshalls can verify your loops.

2. Drafting is illegal and a 3 bike length distance must be maintained at all times; officials will be patrolling the course.

3. Marshals and volunteers will be stationed at the key intersections but the course is NOT closed to traffic.


Course Description:

Exit the Transition area in front of the Town Hall left onto McNamara Drive as denoted in red on the bike route map.

Turn right onto Topsail Road by Sobeys and follow the inside lane of Topsail Road down to Karwood Drive(Coffee Matters)

Turn right onto Karwood Drive, stay in the right hand lane on Karwood Drive past the school and enter the Roundabout to turn to your immediate right onto McNamara Drive. 

Follow McNamara Drive all the way down to the Paradise arena and turn left into Sarah Davis Way in front of the arena to loop around the ice stadium and behind the Recreation department building(this is where the bike route turns blue to indicate an add-on to complete the first loop) and exit right onto McNamara Drive going up the hill all the way past the 3way Stop sign down Bremigen Blvd to the end for a turn around in the cul-de-sac to come back up Bremigans Blvd and passing the stop sign straight through all the way down past the transition area to start your second loop. Please note that there will be "Bib check Marshalls" along the route to ensure completion of the bike route loops. 

Sprint distance : 2 loops  (22 km)

Olympic Distance 4 loops (44 km)

Video of the bike course: Click here

Run (NEW RUN ROUTE due to expected construction on Topsail Road):

The mostly flat 5 km run course winds its way down Octagon Pond on a well groomed gravel trail. Leaving transition area the athlete will proceed as follows:

Follow the cones to exit transition in the Town Hall Parking Loot &  loop onto the gravel Train Track trail leading down to the pond. Once reaching the pond coming to a Y-junction turning right on the trail and running towards the Dragon Boat Docks(where the swim start occurred) then turning right up the trail into the Body Quest Parking Lot for a water stop. Looping around the BQ parking lot coming back down the trail and turning right at the Y-junction down the pond for about 600m to a well marked turn around point to come back on the trail towards the transition area. Running up the trail toward McNamara Drive and turning left unto the Depot Rd to the finish line. 

The Olympic distance event will include two laps of the run course looping just past the finish line. Please note that there will be "Bib check Marshalls" along the route to ensure completion of the run route loops.

Run cut-off: 12:00 pm
Video of the run course: Click here

Map of the course :