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Kids Duathlon

Building off the overwhelming success of last year's success, the 2016 Body Quest Paradise Triathlon is thrilled to offer once again the Body Quest Kids Duathlon on Saturday August 27 for children ages 5-14.

Children will run, cycle (on a dirt road) and then run again in this exciting event, finishing under the same finish line as the adult triathlon.

This duathlon is designed to offer kids and young adults the opportunity to experience and succeed at the sport in a positive environment.

Most kids are fit enough to finish this event confidently and successfully and have fun at the same time.

Registration is available HERE!

The distances are much shorter than those in the adult event and are suited to each age group:

        5-6 years: Run 50m - Bike 500m - Run 50m

        7-8 years: Run 150m - Bike 1k - Run 150m

        9-10 years: Run 500m - Bike 2k - Run 500m

        11-12 years: Run 750m - Bike 3k - Run 750m

        13-14 years: Run 1k - Bike 4k - Run 1k

You can enter this race with a minimum of equipment. All you need is:

   a bike (suitable for gravel road)

   an approved helmet (ANSI or SNELL)

   running shoes

   appropriate clothing (check the weather on the day of the event)

   enthusiasm, determination and a sense of fun

Race Details:

9 a.m. Body Quest,1655 Topsail Road

BBQ for all participants and their family’s at Body Quest,1655 Topsail Road to follow!

Bike Route:

Run Route: